Sivar is a fertile peninsula on the western side of the continent of Gulernia. It is a beacon of civilization in a mostly savage world. In Sivar, it is said, homefires burn brighter, summer rains fall softer, steel takes a sharper edge. The lives that even the most common people build for themselves on the peninsula are far better than the lives other Gulernians have to carve out of a brutal and unforgiving world.

But civilization has its cost, and Sivar’s relative safety and civility brings an entirely new host of sins: Ambition. Conquest. Greed unbounded. A subtle exploitation, not the sharp honesty of the lash, but the seductive trap of the coin. And the amalgam of them all, the pinnacle of civilized sin: politics.

Long ago, Sivar was ruled by a single leader from the Seat of Toraun. For ages, they steered the kingdom in mostly the right direction. Then, almost five centuries ago, the lord of the Seat of Toraun died young and suspiciously, and Sivar was cast into a hundred years of strife and blood that came to be known as the Succession Wars. In the ensuing conflict, five families rose to prominence and domination, and together, they brokered a lasting peace.

But for how long? As the Regent grows old, his brief star falls, and the stage is set for the rise of a new sun: the re-establishment of the Seat of Toraun as the one true power in the land.

However, a storm brews in the eastern skies. Will the coming dawn be eclipsed by Dureg Kurzar and his bloodthirsty horde? Will the land of Sivar survive as the home of the cultured and civilized, or be razed beneath the blades of the rampaging barbarians?

This is the story of the ones who tipped the scales of Destiny, of the brave souls who forged the axis on which the new world turns…

Sivar Campaign

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