Wayyen Dunwyrm

Looking tough and regal in his studded hide armor, Wayyen Dunwyrm's lordly look is only slightly diminished by the grey-green coloring of his deeply tanned skin and his heavy orcish jaw.


Half-Orc Fighter Lvl 5

Size: Med
Speed: 6 -1(scale) = 5
Vision: low-light
Passive Perception: 10 +2(lvl) +5(trained) +1(wis) = 18
Passive Insight: 10 +2(lvl) +5(trained) +1(wis) = 18

Ability Scores: 20(5) 13(1) 16(3) 10 12(1) 10
Starting: 17 13 13 10 12 10

Armor: Hardend Wyrmhide (as scale) +2 w/ heavy shield
AC: 10 +2(lvl) +9(scale) +2(shield) = 23
Fort: 10 +2(lvl) +5(str) +2(race) = 19
Ref: 10 +2(lvl) +3(dex) +2(shield) = 17
Will: 10 +2(lvl) +1(cha) = 13

Hit Points: 15 + Con + 6/level = 15 + 13 + 6 * 4 = 52
Surges: 9 + Con mod = 10
Bloodied: 26
Surge HPs : 13

Initiative: 2(lvl) +3(dex) = 5

BAB: +2(lvl) +5(str) +1(fighter) +2(prof) +1(feat) +1(enh) = 12

Athletics (Str)
Endurance (Con) (2 racial bonus)
Insight (Wis) (skill focus)
Intimidate (Cha) (
2 racial bonus)
Perception (Wis) (Ranger)

Class Features:
Combat Challenge /Marking
Combat Superiority
Fighter Weapon Talent (one-handed weapons)

Half-Orc Resilience (race)
Swift Charge (race) +2 speed when charging
Furious Assault (race)

Sure Strike (at will)
Tide of Iron (at will)

Steel Serpent Strike (encounter 1)
Armor-Piercing Thrust (encounter 3)

Villain’s Menace (daily 1)
Dizzying Blow (daily 5)

Get Over Here (utility 2)

Warrior of the Wild (Multiclass Ranger)
Hunter’s Quarry once per encounter
Skill Training (Insight)
Weapon Expertise (Spear)


Hails from Blacktower near the edge of the Eversand wasteland.

Blacktower is a large fortress built many millennium ago by the ancient keepers of the Everwood.

Blacktower was built with stone from a great basalt monolith that stood near the eastern edge of the Everwood.

The castle itself is a sprawling ring structure consisting of 5 concentric towers, graduated in height; the center tower standing nearly 100 feet tall.

The wood died away as some plague took its vegetation and the brown dust and black sands are all that remain.

The area around Blacktower has become worthless as the forest disappeared.

Clan Dunwyrm took its name from the tough brown dragon-kin that appeared in the area as the Everwood rotted away.

Other clans that inhabit Blacktower and its surrounds: Blackfist holds the throne; Sourtree; Redrider; Widefoot; Surespear; Greysky; Darkheart.

The clans of the Blacktower are descendants of a mix of Orc and Human.

The inhabitants of Blacktower like to think of themselves as noble and highborn because of their magnificent stronghold.

The clans of Blacktower are often fighting one another so the nearby kingdoms mostly consider them harmless, and ignore them because of the worthless holdings.

This endless infighting has warped their sense of nobility and honor, much remains; but they are generally not above any tactic that seems a winner.

Wayyen is the youngest of 17 brothers and sisters and likely to inherit nothing; even if several brothers perish.

As the youngest and loved by his mother, Wayyen was sent away so as not to be killed or ransomed as part of some foolish plot.

Wayyen would like to return one day and take the Blacktower as his own.

Tends toward goodness and law/ but is Unalligned. Worshiper of Kord.

Age: 20
Height: 6’
Weight: 190lbs

Languages: Common, Giant

Wayyen Dunwyrm

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