House Auran

  • Political to the core, House Auran is infamous for its schemers, plotters, and manipulators. These days, however, most do not believe such things of them, because dirt doesn’t stick to the Auran family. Things just seem to work out for the Aurans, no matter how bad it may seem at first.
  • House Auran’s constant political maneuvering has ingratiated them well with the Regent. He spends much of his time being entertained by House Auran at their family estates, and his most trusted bodyguards and confidants are Auran people.
  • Notorious for long-running plots. The machinations of the leaders of the House can unfold over generations, and they are cautious enough to ensure their own survival and protection first.
  • Strong believers in the idea of noblesse oblige, the Auran family views themselves as architects of the state and natural-born leaders of Sivar. They know that they have the best possible plan for the land, and that seeing that plan brought to fulfillment is their duty, their honor, and their burden. Because of this worldview, the vast majority of the time, the Auran psyche will be very comfortable with the idea that the end justifies the means.
  • The Auran family employs an extensive spy network throughout the land of Sivar. These spies, known as Grey Masks, employ sophisticated espionage tactics to provide their masters with current information on the movements and intrigues of the other families. While other Houses employ spies as well, none are as well-funded or well-trained as the Grey Masks.
  • The Auran estates house the Blood Archives, the official heraldric library of Sivar. All families keep their own records, but the Blood Archives are turned to when disputes must be resolved, and marriages are not considered legal and proper until they have been recorded in the Archives. The Auran family would, of course, never dream of interfering with the work of the Archive’s librarians, but paperwork does get delayed, or misplaced, or lost entirely from time to time…
  • House Auran makes its home in a walled compound in the central city of Toraun. Though they do not control the Seat of Toraun, they do hold the lands in which it resides. In theory, Toraun is a neutral city, open to all who wish to visit or settle there, but in practice, House Auran controls the city council, the mayor, and most of the officers of the city guard.
  • House Auran is led by Master Rafe Delwyn Auran, a tall, spare, pale man who never wears anything but simple black clothes. He is meticulously groomed at all times, from his dark hair and goatee to his lacquered fingernails. He is well-read, polite, and thinks for a long time during conversations. Rafe is cautious, respectful, clever, and quite cognizant of the power he wields. His specialty is contract law, and he has applied it well during his time as leader of the House.
  • Motto (Supernal): Born to rule.

Views on things:

“Make no mistake: we carry a heavy burden. The golden throne is burnished and the diamond crown shines, but suspended above them is the sword of iron, hanging by a frayed thread. I will not go so far as to say the Seat of Toraun is our birthright…but I will proudly say that it is our destiny.”
-Master Rafe Delwyn Auran, on House Auran

“Merchant ships cannot sail on blood, and blood cannot nourish fields of grain. My four-times-great aunt brokered the agreement that gave him his power, and it was wise to do so. Nevertheless…there is a certain crudeness, a fairy-tale taste about the entire process. It is too simple for such a complicated world.”
-Barrister Kinta Auran, on the Regent

“Kurzar? Now there’s a name you won’t find here. It’s a title, really — translates best to ‘conqueror’ or ‘vanquisher’ in the common tongue. It’s old, nomadic Dwarfish, from a time before we even worshipped Moradin. But it doesn’t matter how powerful he is or how many men he commands….ultimately, Dureg Kurzar is a barbarian, and therefore beneath the notice of these Archives.”
-Librarian Stortz Thunderbrow of the Blood Archives, on Dureg Kurzar

“Great fighters, mind. Best warriors in Sivar, and probably the world! But they’re embarassingly backward and superstitious. I don’t want a king who has to spit and touch iron every time he drinks a potion.”
-Bailey Mallingrove, Toraun merchant, on House Klar

“Gold? Yeah, it makes things easier. But if you’re just looking to grab up all the gold you can, you’re missing out on real power: People. Places. Events. Line them all up correctly, and you can start the stones falling the way you want them to with the breath of one word.”
-Laina Quickleaf, information broker, on House Sinia

-Councilor Kyp Auran, on House Rolien

“Gadgetry, tinkering, magic spells — I’d ask when they were ready to join the real world, but I’m afraid they’d tear it to pieces trying to figure out how it works.”
-Alrin Boyleson, laborer, on House Fyro

House Auran

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